Who Are We

We are a consulting engineering and project management company

About us

• SSE , established in 1987, in Cairo, Egypt. Is a professional engineering consulting firm working with the mission to provide engineering services in several specific market segments including Industrial, retail, residential, Government, Educational, Hospitality, HealthCare and Development Services.

• SSE's primary objective is to deliver solutions to clients through its professional consultants in various areas of expertise. SSE has two main areas of expertise: design of super tall buildings and mega structural steel project. The second area of expertise is seismic design. Nevertheless these activities were extended to include turnkey projects implementation with full project management.

• SSE offers complete design services, including Facility Programming, Master Planning, Structural Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Electromechanical design, BIM design software. Its current staff of engineers brings to every project their creative talents, skills and wealth of experience.

• Assaad Salama PHD, founder and director of SSE, started operations with few employees. The firm now proudly has over 150 employees including 65 structural engineers, over 30 architects and MEP specialists.

• SSE has a mission to be a solution – driven consultant with our standing expertise and a vision to always be the first choice to our clients.

• We are a team of problem solvers who explore new ideas and we are driven to find the ideal solution. We believe in providing quality and value in everything we do to our clients and our communities.


• Assaad Ibrahim Salama, the founder and director of SSE, started operations with few employees back in 1987. The firm now proudly has over 100 employees including 65 structural engineers and over 30 architects.

• Dr. Salama received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Faculty of Engineering Ein-Shams University in 1982. He has also received his Masters of Science degree from the same school in 1990. Moreover, Dr. Salama has completed his Ph.D, in Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Section, Civil Engineering Department, Imerial College, University of London 1993.

• Dr. Salama, has started SSE in 1987 together with his higher education studies, research and teaching post at the Faculty of Engineering, Shoubra University. He was an Honorary lecturer in Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering from 1993-1998. To date, Dr. Salama lectures as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering Shoubra University; teaching earthquake resistant design, engineering seismology and reinforced concrete design.

• Dr. Salama still continues his research work and keeps himself updated with the new international engineering codes and standards. Also he maintains a good relationship with the international science through his membership in various societies like ASCE, American Society for Civil Engineers and the British institution of Structural Engineers and others.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
SSE envisions itself as an innovative company that integrates the talents of its team members to provide uncompromising quality services to its clients.

Our Mission
To help our clients realize their objectives by combining the expertise of its team members. We address each client’s needs by integrating both art and science to translate unique ideas into creative, economic and functional solutions.

Goals and Beliefs

Our Goals
• To develop and optimize the highest potential for all concerned in order to achieve personal and business successes.
• To establish a corporate culture whereby the team is as important as the individual.
• To produce together with its team and clients, unique and creative solutions for both standard and challenging projects.
• To demonstrate professional excellence using innovative, and analytical approaches.

Our Beliefs
• SSE believe that there are always better engineering solutions making it possible to combine high quality design while reducing cost simultaneously.
• We believe that honesty and straight forwardness is the shortest path to success.
• We believe that every person was created with potential and SSE will strive to help everyone develop that potential to its fullest.
• We believe in establishing trusting relationships that foster a culture in which self-interest is complementary to the benefit of the whole team.

Our Offices

Dubai Branch: Business bay, bay Square, building 01 flat 901
Tel: (971) 4552 1026
Fax: (971) 4552 1036


Al Faisal Tower, where SSE was the structural engineer, was shortlisted in "structural awards 2013" by IStruct UK